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Working in Berlin

Berlin is our growth hub for Uber Eats and Rides operations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH). Located in Berlin Kreuzberg, our talented team drives innovation across the vibrant city. The office is a true embodiment of our diverse, fun, and transparent Uber culture paired with Berlin’s unique flair. The only thing that‘s better than our office? The people.

Building in Berlin

  • Burgermeister and Uber Eats are expanding their exclusive partnership

    At the end of the year, Burgermeister will open its largest flagship store in Berlin, which will extend over two floors. The concept of the three new locations was specially developed for deliveries with Uber Eats. In the next year, the burger chain will expand to other German cities.

  • Integrating real-time public transport data for better route planning

    Our new public transport option is now available to Uber users in Berlin. This means that the fastest public transport connections, walking distances and transfer information are displayed for every trip request in addition to the familiar Uber booking options.

  • Taxi Wheelchair is in Hamburg and Berlin now

    Inclusion is a topic that’s close to our hearts. And the Taxi Wheelchair option lets us go a step further.

  • Life at Uber

    At Uber we're constantly reimagining the way the world moves. We love going after the big problems and seizing the opportunities that come with challenging work. This means we sometimes have to make trade-offs and deal with difficult decisions that must be made. But it also means that here you will have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. We encourage you to learn by doing and drive the kind of growth that best fits you.

  • On the move in Berlin

    Things to do and ways to get there with Uber in Berlin.

  • Uber Eats jetzt auch in Aachen, Wuppertal und Trier

    Uber Eats, die Plattform für Essenslieferungen, baut seine Verfügbarkeit in Deutschland weiter aus und ist jetzt auch in Aachen, Wuppertal und Trier nutzbar. Rund ein Jahr nach dem Deutschland-Start von Uber Eats ist die Lieferplattform damit mittlerweile in 33 Städten verfügbar.

  • How to boost employee engagement with meal vouchers

    Learn how to keep remote employees motivated and engaged with solutions from Uber for Business.

  • Uber values

    Our values aren’t just our shared beliefs; they are the mindsets we embrace, the choices we make, the actions we take.


Teams reimagining at Uber Berlin

  • Business Development builds strategic and scalable partnerships with third parties to advance the mission and goals of the company.

  • Communications tells Uber’s story to the media and third parties: whether it’s transforming how we get around town and the lives of people who value independent, flexible work, or helping to cut congestion in cities by getting more backsides into fewer cars.

  • Community Operations is responsible for building our customer service network. We strive toward developing a world-class support organization that scales effectively, is reliable and consistent, and provides unmatched service to our Uber community.

  • Finance drives forecasting, planning, and analysis to provide comprehensive financial insight into our business, while pushing to improve efficiency and growth.

  • Uber is at the forefront of some of the 21st century’s most complex and interesting legal issues. Legal teams in Berlin work to support business development on matters ranging from contractual and consumer law to mobility legislation.

  • From Uber Eats to ridesharing, Marketing builds our brand and business with industry-leading campaigns based on human insights and universal truths. Across the industries we operate in, we seek to be the category and culture shaper. Our marketing team is the driver making this mission a reality.

  • Operations manages and optimizes our business across Europe. From our core ridesharing services to scaling Uber Eats.

  • Uber operates in some of the region’s most iconic and complex urban centers. For these reasons, Policy partners with local and national policymakers and leaders to ensure cooperation between stakeholders.

  • Sales is the face of Uber helping earners and companies unlock growth opportunities, drive product direction, and influence industry change.

Come reimagine with us

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