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Grupa naprednih tehnologija

Our mission is to bring safe, reliable self-driving transportation to everyone, everywhere.

Budućnost prijevoza

At Uber, we believe the future of mobility is increasingly shared, sustainable, and automated. Developing self-driving technology is one of the biggest technical challenges of our time. If successful, these vehicles have the potential to make our roads safer and transportation more affordable for everyone.

  • Technology

    We start with a vehicle known for its strong safety track record. Our team then modifies the vehicle to integrate the sensors and software needed for our self-driving system.

  • Sigurnost

    Uber's vision for self-driving technology is built on a foundational commitment to safety.

  • Research and development

    We’re leading the industry with cutting-edge research for self-driving cars in broad areas of computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.



Our self-driving strategy is powered by partnership. By combining Uber’s self-driving technology with partners’ state-of-the-art vehicles, sensors, and safety technology, we’ll get to the future faster.

Naslov stavke

For updates on our technology, where we’re operating, and plans for the future, head to our blog on Medium to find out more.

Prilike za zaposlenje

At ATG, we pride ourselves on the amazing team we’ve built. We’re looking for world-class researchers, engineers, and product specialists who prioritize safety and want to join our mission to bring safe, reliable self-driving transportation to everyone, everywhere.