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Uber Boat

Discover Croatia in style

Feel like having an adventure? Wanna go island-hopping? All aboard! Get to your coastal destination with just a few taps on your phone. Request an Uber Boat ride now in Split, Dubrovnik and nearby islands.

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How it works

1. Set your destination

Open the Uber app and enter your desired island destination.

2. Confirm your trip

Select Boat Transfer or Boat Trip at the bottom of your screen.

Note: Uber Boat fits up to 8 passengers

3. Meet your captain

Go to your pickup location and enjoy your ride!

Uber Boat options

Two types of services

Transfer: from the mainland to the island

Uber Boat will get you from point A to point B and back! Order Uber Boat directly from Split Airport or city centre and travel to Hvar in style, or head to the island of Brač or Vis. Or get to famous Elaphiti islands straight from Dubrovnik city centre. Throw your bags in the speedboat, kick back, and enjoy the ride.

Trip: escape the crowds to best-kept secret beaches

Uber Boat trip is a multiple destination transfer service which enables you to take a roundtrip and visit the hidden gems of Croatia - secret beaches, bays, caves etc. You just need to add multiple destinations from those available before ordering an Uber Boat ride and your captain will navigate the selected places. Please make sure to bring your hat, sunbathing cream and any additional necessary items, because summer days can be extremely hot in Croatia. Sightseeings ideas: explore the nearby islands, discover hidden beaches, bays, and caves. Choose either Blue or Green Cave, or visit both of them!

Island hop with Uber Boat,

available now through August


Sightseeing ideas in Croatia

Looking for a next series of incredible summer selfies? Unbelievably beautiful gems can be found on Croatian coast.

Visit the nearby islands and explore hidden beaches, bays and coves. See some amazing ideas below.

Custom options

Got some other sightseeing ideas?

Enter the places you want to visit (from those available) before the trip and your captain will get you there. You can also add multiple destinations (from those available) and enjoy the beauty of Croatian islands. If you're interested in how the price will be calculated, check out the factors that affect the price in the table below.

Boat OptionStartPrice per km (nautical mile)Price per minMinimum price and cancellation fee
Boat Trip (up to 8 passengers)330 HRK29 (33) HRK2.60 HRK330 HRK

*All prices are in Croatian Kuna, VAT included

Booking Uber Boat

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Contact us with questions

  • If there is a way we can help out, answer any questions regarding your trip or transfer, pick-ups or any other questions, please do let us know through Help section in your Uber app.





Explore Croatia with Uber Boat

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