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Safety with the Uber app

Doing the right thing means developing technology with your safety in mind. See how we help give you and your loved ones peace of mind in and out of the app.

Spotlight on safety

We're always thinking of how to make Uber a safer and more enjoyable way for you to earn. Follow My Ride lets friends and family know where you are and when you arrive.

Here's how it works:

1. Tap the safety shield on the map to open the Safety Toolkit.

2. Select Follow My Ride.

3. The app will then send a message to your designated recipients.

Safety features in the app

The app helps you stay connected to your loved ones, Uber’s team, and emergency authorities while you drive.

  • GPS tracking

    All Uber trips are tracked from start to finish, so there’s a record of your trip if something happens.

  • 2-way ratings

    Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may lose access to the app to help protect our Uber community.

  • Follow My Ride

    Friends and family can follow your route and will know as soon as you arrive.

  • Emergency assistance button

    You can use the in-app emergency button to call authorities to get help if you need it. The app displays your location and trip details, so you can quickly share them with emergency services.


Personal safety tips

While safety is at the center of Uber’s technology, you can also take actions to help protect yourself while driving with Uber.

Don't share account information with others

To encourage safety and trust in our community, don’t let another person use your account, and never share your personal username and password with anyone else.

Uber's Community Guidelines

We expect everyone who uses any of the Uber apps to treat others with respect, help keep one another safe, and follow the law. Report any incident that you believe is in violation of our Community Guidelines, so that we can investigate.


Drop off riders in permissible locations, such as loading zones or where there's enough space to pull over without blocking vehicles or other lanes. It’s important to know your local laws so that you can abide by them.

Drive your way in the app

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.