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How to take airport trips

Airports can be complicated places, especially for drivers. But knowing the basics, and getting information in advance about your local airport, can help make sure you’re prepared for your first pickup or dropoff.


The basics of airport trips

An airport trip will look like any other standard trip in your Driver app. When you pick up at airports, the airport may require you to wait in a designated area to receive a trip, then you’ll see a specific pickup point to locate your rider. Airports may also have other rules and regulations applicable to you that are specific to the airport in your city.

How airport trips work

1. Accept the trip as you normally would.

2. The app will show you where the approved pickup or dropoff location is for your local airport. It might be different from where you’d go if you weren’t driving with Uber; airports sometimes have designated zones for Uber and other ridesharing services.

3. If you’re dropping off a rider, you can ask them if their flight is domestic or international and what airline they’re flying. Look for signs that match what they tell you.

Knowing your local airport

It’s a good idea before you get on the road to learn about your local airport. Airport rules and operating procedures are different from city to city. Visit the Uber airport information page for more information about your local airport. Most airports also have their own website that gives information about local rules and regulations.

In addition, you can stop by an Uber Greenlight Hub to get details in person from one of our Uber experts. While you’re there, check to see if you need a special permit or placard for your city’s airport.


Here is some advice from other drivers that you might find useful regarding airport trips.


Most riders going to or from the airport will have luggage with them, and they’ll probably want to put it in the trunk. If your trunk is empty, luggage can fit easily. Some drivers will help their riders with their luggage as well.

Identify your rider

Airports are crowded places, so if you’re not sure if you’ve found the right person, ask your rider for their name or say, for instance, “Are you Cheryl?” to make sure.

Check the arrivals schedule

If you’re planning to pick up riders at the airport, checking the local arrivals schedule before you go can help you see when flights will be landing and when it will be busiest.

Questions from drivers

  • The app will guide you to a designated pickup location.

  • You can call or text your rider using the Driver app.

  • Riders should know where they’re going if you ask them. Most airports have signage showing you where the designated dropoff points are by airline.

  • You can always visit the Uber airport information page check your local airport’s website, or visit a Greenlight Hub for expert help from Uber.

  • Look for the closest Uber Greenlight Hub. In many cities, you can book an appointment at your local Greenlight Hub directly through your Driver app.

  • Airport surcharges are included in the price riders see when they request a ride to or from an airport. Where applicable, airport surcharges are charged to the rider and paid to the airport by Uber.

Drive your way in the app

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