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Tips from highly rated drivers

Curious what makes for a 5-star trip? We asked highly rated riders and drivers. Find out their tips for getting higher ratings of your own.

Tips for a 5-star trip

Riders often rate their experience based on the following:

1. A clean car that’s well maintained and scent-free.

2. A preferred route to their destination. It might be different from what the navigation shows.

3. Polite, easygoing, and respectful conversation.

4. Excellent service such as helping riders with doors and their luggage.

5. Going above and beyond by providing bottled water, mints, snacks, or phone chargers.

Questions from drivers

  • It’s up to you. Some riders love to chat, while others enjoy a quiet ride. Many 5-star drivers say riders usually respond well when the driver greets them at the start of the trip and leaves it to the rider to strike up conversation.

    In areas where riders have the option to set Rider Preferences, the app takes the guesswork out of whether to chat or not by indicating if your rider prefers a quiet ride.

  • Yes, many drivers play music to make riders feel welcome. Some drivers recommend asking the rider if there's a radio station they prefer or if they'd like to play music from their phone.

Drive your way in the app

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