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Thanking all drivers and delivery people

Thousands of drivers and delivery people continued to move what matters during the pandemic.

Riders and food delivery customers regularly share their thank yous across the world with their drivers and delivery people. We brought these conversations to life with murals to illustrate some drivers and delivery people making a difference around the world.

Kristin, Florida, US

Andrew, a rider who was vacationing in Florida, met Kristin shortly after his wife Suzanne’s water broke about halfway through her pregnancy.

Kristin drove him to the laundromat to wash some clothes. Andrew told her his story, and instead of this simply being a single journey, Kristin went above and beyond. She acted as the couple’s support system while Suzanne was in the hospital, dropping off home-cooked meals and anything the couple needed. “She adopted us for our 10-week stay in the hospital,” Andrew says.

“I think Kristin is just the most uncommonly kind and generous person I have ever encountered in my life.” —Andrew, rider

Michelle, Manchester, UK

Michelle is a courier in Manchester, England. As a mum and foster parent caring for 5 children, she likes to use the Driver app as her “me time” to get out of the house and see other people. “Over lockdown, I’ve had a lot of elderly customers,” she says. “I leave the food at the door, and I stand back and wait for them to take it in. And they just like to have a little chat, maybe because they haven’t seen anybody. So that’s what I do: I stop and I chat.”

Michelle’s bubbly personality and chatty nature has cheered people across Manchester as she delivers food to their door. Thank you, Michelle.

Jaswinder, Chandigarh, India

Jaswinder combines work on his family’s farm with driving with Uber. And he has taken about 32,000 trips, the highest number by any driver in India, over the 5 years he’s been driving. By using the Driver app, he has been able to take care of the expenses and create a more comfortable lifestyle for his family. “Driving with Uber gives me a sense of pride,” he says. “I drive on my own terms, and I run my own business.” Thank you, Jaswinder.

“Driving with Uber gives me a sense of pride,” Jaswinder says. “I drive on my own terms, and I run my own business.”

Kristin, Michelle, and Jaswinder are just a few examples of the people driving and delivering with Uber who have created lasting memories for others with their everyday interactions. For a while, their murals covered the side of buildings in New York, London, and Manchester. For much longer, thank yous will continue to be said around the world.

Is there a driver or delivery person whom you’d like to thank? Nominate your Everyday Giant here.

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