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Get the Special Driving License in Greece

With millions of riders all over the world, Uber is a great way to make money — but first you need a license to operate in Greece. It usually takes one month to complete the process and get your Special Driving License.

Apply for the Special Driving License

To learn more about the requirements to obtain the mandatory special driving license in Greece, please visit the site below.

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  • Get support

    Let’s make every Uber trip hassle-free. Our support pages can help you set up your account, get started with the app, adjust fares, and much more.

  • Contact Uber

    Got questions? Get answers. Enjoy personal support at the Greenlight Hub in Athens and other cities in Greece.

  • Partner Protection

    Partner Protection helps protect you from the cost of accidents or life events, and is provided at no cost to all eligible independent driver partners.


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