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Black at Uber

Uber's community for Black employees and allies

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a channel that promotes Black diversity, culture, and inclusion for all employees at Uber. Whether our members are of African or West Indian heritage, grew up in the US, come from mixed families, or identify most closely as allies, Black at Uber is a community where we support one another.

What we stand for

External partnerships

Partner with third parties to improve how Uber is perceived in Black spaces while creating value for the Black at Uber membership

Internal campaigns

Work with internal stakeholders to ensure that Uber’s focus considers a Black perspective

Member services

Make sure Uber is a great place to work for all Black at Uber members and allies by ensuring that they’re equipped with the tools necessary to succeed

Global strategy and process

Serve the dual purpose of ensuring that Black at Uber’s mission is being carried out globally and that we’re attracting all the great minds to join our ranks

Featured members

  • Calvin Simmons

    Restaurant Operations Manager

    As a Black person, I know first-hand how lonely Silicon Valley can be. Oftentimes, we’re the only person who looks like us in a room and likely living a vastly different experience than our peers. There’s a dual consciousness that comes with being different. Black at Uber allows a safe space for us to connect with each other and has served as a great support system for our membership.

  • Angela Johnson

    Counsel, Litigation

    Seeing the Coalition of Black Excellence Week events and Code Black Gala come to fruition was one of my proudest moments at Uber. I am so excited about Uber’s pivotal role in shaping the way that companies collaborate, connect with community leaders, and give back. A lot of companies have diversity groups, but real impact comes when the leadership teams empower those groups to run with positive ideas and drive internal and external impact.

  • JQ Hendrickson

    Project Manager, Community Operations

    I started at Uber as a brand ambassador. I was helping get potential New York City partners through the long and confusing TLC licensing funnel. I fell in love with the fast-paced startup that everyone said was going to change the world. From that point, I knew that this was somewhere I wanted to be. Black at Uber and the rest of Uber's ERGs allow a safe space for me to connect and build with people who look like me and have similar experiences.

  • Camiel Irving

    Manager, Central Operations, Rider

    I joined Uber after spending 4 years in the consumer products industry. Succeeding as a business leader in a tech company is a unique intellectual and organizational challenge, and it's been rewarding. My team operates Uber's Rider Pricing and Incentives products to shape and grow demand in Uber's complex Rides Marketplace. This is my first role at Uber, and I'm looking forward to many more. Black at Uber is both my support system and a way for me to create value beyond the Marketplace.

  • Matthew Mengerink

    Executive sponsor, Vice President, Core Infrastructure Engineering

    “As a leader at Uber—someone who manages people, makes hiring decisions, and also makes product and technology decisions that affect our customers—I have a responsibility to do better. Not only to sympathize and understand the issues, but also to do what I can to make tangible changes and to join in the cause of others who are pushing to better us all. This is a perfect example of why I’m an executive sponsor for Black at Uber.”



Coalition of Black Excellence Week

For Black History Month 2019, in partnership with, we spearheaded the creation of the first-ever Coalition of Black Excellence Week in the Bay Area. More than 40 tech companies and community partners came together to surface educational, inspirational, and entertaining events. The week culminated in the Code Black Gala, which honored the business leaders and community partners who are driving change in Silicon Valley.

Global reach

Black at Uber has local engagement groups in locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, as well as the United States and Canada.

Starting conversations

In support of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, we hosted a series of fireside chats with Meena Harris, Head of Strategy and Leadership on the Diversity and Inclusion team, and special guests in multiple Uber offices. The purpose of these chats was to discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace with successful women of color.