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Global citizenship

Our commitment to community

Today’s communities face an unprecedented set of challenges. And while technology by itself isn't the solution, when it's done right—and combined with good partnerships—it has the potential to contribute to a better world for all.

Supporting cities

Our people, process, and technology can help transform cities into safer, more efficient, and more beautiful places.

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“We’re excited to be one of Uber's early partners to mitigate traffic congestion and improve infrastructure.”

Muriel Bowser, Mayor, Washington, DC

New tools for urban planners

Our data from more than 10 billion trips can help urban planners design cities of the future.

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Safer communities

Through partnerships with leading organizations, we’re making driving safer and preventing incidents on the road.

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Reducing distracted driving

To help reduce Brazil’s 400,000 road crashes every year, soccer players from Clube Atlético Paranaense teamed up with Uber to discourage texting while driving.

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Diversity and inclusion

Diverse offices can help create higher-performing teams and better products that are designed to be used by everyone.

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Our customers are diverse, and so are we

Unique backgrounds and diverse perspectives are not only celebrated but also put to use, helping deliver products and services that make life easier for people in the 63 countries where we operate.

Opportunity for all

Whether it’s helping to create economic opportunities or to enrich everyday moments, technology can make a big difference when it’s designed to be accessible to everyone.

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“Uber is the single best advancement for the mobility of blind people in the past decade.”

Mike May, Former President, the Lighthouse for the Blind


Our products are designed with ease, independence, and spontaneity in mind, not just for a select few, but for everyone in our society, whatever their age, neighborhood, or physical abilities.

Giving back

We advance our company's mission of igniting opportunity in our philanthropy, partnerships, and employee volunteering programs.

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