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at Uber

The Engineering team at Uber builds the technologies that power our platform and ignite opportunity for users worldwide.

Why Engineering at Uber?

Big Opportunities

Help change the way people and things move while creating a positive impact on the environment and the cities we live in.

Your Impact and Reach

Design and implement solutions that are used by millions of people every day.

Smart Minds

Solve unique engineering challenges alongside some of the brightest people in the industry.

Meet the team

  • Matthew Mengerink

    VP of Core Infrastructure

    “At Uber, we impact people’s lives in a big way. This is a place where, if we do our jobs very well, we can help the environment as well as the economy. We can have a positive global impact on traffic, making transportation more efficient to help riders save time and drivers earn a living.”

  • Sravanti Tekumalla

    Software Engineer

    “I love that even though Uber has grown so much in the past few years, there’s still the spirit that we’re truly building access to transportation and that we still move fast! There’s no shortage of technical challenges here that also have meaningful impact, which really excited me when I took the job at Uber.”

  • Fran Bell

    Director of Data Science

    "One thing I love about working at Uber is the immediate real world impact my work has. Uber tackles some of the world’s most challenging data science problems at scale and in real time. Four years later, I'm still excited to get up every single day and work on these problems."

  • Caroline Van den Hauwe

    Backend Engineer, Payments Platform

    “Engineers at Uber are involved at all stages, from product definition to reliable operation. Empowered by a growth mindset and the art of direct feedback, I’ve had the pleasure to learn from many and give back by teaching some too.”

  • Brian Zhang

    Software Engineer

    "You won’t believe the transparency level which the leadership team brings to every employee in the weekly company-wide all-hands. This transparency requires a high level trust and makes everyone feel like a true owner."


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Explore our Engineering teams


On the Rides Engineering team, we write code that ignites opportunities for millions of people every day. We’re focused on making Uber’s core ridesharing products faster, safer, and more reliable by building scalable software solutions for riders and drivers on our platform.


Uber’s Marketplace Engineering team creates the technology behind our ridesharing marketplace by connecting riders with drivers at the push of a button. Our solutions expand user access, deliver reliability, and provide more transportation choices to users across our global markets.


Whether engineering more accurate ETAs or helping drivers navigate to the perfect pick-up spot, our mapping technologies are integral to the magic of the Uber platform. On the Maps Engineering team, we use the latest ML, GPS, and telematics solutions to make transportation on our platform safer and more accessible.


Uber Eats is home to a team of mobile and backend engineers tasked with creating an app to fuel our three-sided marketplace of eaters, delivery-partners, and restaurants. From making it easier to discover your ideal meal to designing dynamic UIs, our iOS and Android engineers keep the app healthy and users hungry for more.

Core Infrastructure

Under the hood of the Uber platform is a large-scale, microservice-based architecture that facilitates the reliability and scalability of our products. Our Core Infrastructure team leads our site reliability, observability, computing, networking, and hardware operations from sites worldwide.

Product Platform

Data underpins our products, enabling intelligent decision making and improved user experiences. Leveraging the latest ML, Big Data, data visualization, and NLP technologies, the Product Platform team works at the intersection of engineering and data science to enhance our services and deliver actionable insights.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence team builds the financial systems behind our payments, risk, and safety & insurance products. We tackle some of the industry’s toughest engineering challenges, ensuring the compliance and integrity of our services for a frictionless payments experience.

Information Technology

With over 20,000 employees globally, Uber is bolstered by a network of tools and services to improve productivity, business operations, sustainability, and corporate infrastructure. The Information Technology team makes Uber a better place to work.

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