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Moving the world, together

Taking logistics in a new direction with an advanced platform for both shippers and carriers.

When shipping runs better, the whole world runs better too


With clear, upfront pricing and unrivaled visibility, you always have the information needed to make the right business decisions.

Freight at your fingertips

Our streamlined workflow and 24/7 support keeps your business rolling, quickly and efficiently.

The Uber for freight

Uber technology has revolutionized the way people move. Now we’re doing the same for the freight industry.


More flexible bookings. One tap away.


Tender shipments easily. Get quotes instantly.

Our award-winning team

Uber Freight has been recognized across the industry as a leader in technology, quality, and service.*

From Procter & Gamble

Carrier of the Year: Joint Value Creation, 2018 Southwest Channel Carrier of the Year, 2018

From Anheuser-Busch

Strategic Carrier of the Year, 2018

“Direct access to almost immediate capacity”

Our single platform gives Land O’Lakes the confidence and ability to move freight efficiently.

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Begin booking or scheduling the loads you want, 24 hours a day.


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Want to help drive the future of the freight industry?

*Uber Freight is a licensed freight broker and is not a motor carrier.