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Working in San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area has been Uber’s Global HQ since day one. With our campus in Mission Bay, and a second campus in Sunnyvale, the region is home to around a third of Uber’s 30,000+ global employees. Almost every team has a presence here. Work amongst some of the brightest minds in the tech space in one of the world’s boldest and most beautiful areas.


Building at Uber Bay Area


Teams reimagining at Uber Bay Area

  • The global business development team strengthens Uber’s position as the world’s leading mobility platform through thoughtful, creative, and impactful partnerships that unlock outsized value today and for many years to come.

  • We're responsible for working with media, policy makers, and third parties to explain why Uber is great for riders, drivers and cities.

  • Community Operations is the organization within Uber that is responsible for building our customer service network. This team is working towards developing a world-class support organization that scales effectively, is reliable and consistent, and provides unmatched service to our Uber community.

  • In a data-driven world, our Data Science and Analytics team navigates the fastest route to accelerate our business. Taking numbers, statistics, and digital metrics and transforming them into actionable insights, we utilize machine learning, AI, natural language processing, and advanced statistical modeling to implement automations and algorithms that enhance safety, amplify performance, improve our customer experience across Uber, and make magic in the marketplace.

  • Crafting life-changing products and solutions for users from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities isn’t just a challenge—it’s a calling. Our Design team imagines the best potential impact we could make, and then we take a human-centric approach using cutting-edge design principles and technologies to turn it into a reality. Used by millions, the results go far beyond functional to deliver products that are intuitive, ingenious, and delightful.

  • Our Engineering team builds the technologies that power our platform and reimagines the way the world moves for the better. We thrive on the scale of our global footprint, the gratification of solving hard challenges for millions of users around the world, and being at the forefront of smart experiences and technologies.

  • We’re disrupting the transportation world and Uber Legal’s diverse group of professionals are proud to be an integral part of that change.

  • We work hand-in-hand with leaders across the company to ensure smooth, disciplined execution of strategic business objectives.

  • We’re a collection of specialists working together to turn one of the world’s greatest products into one of the world’s most beloved brands. We work across the company to create the campaigns that define the Uber brand and drive the business forward.

  • Pinpointing strategic destinations and mapping the routes to get us there is what our operations launch team is all about. As thought leaders and analytical planners, we develop Uber’s business strategy and bring it to life in collaboration with teams across the company and partners across the globe. We also keep our ear to the ground in our local communities, so we can quickly jump in to meet their needs and deliver the amazing core Uber experience at every turn.

  • We create the vision for the future of urban mobility, deeply understanding our customers to solve their transportation needs with innovative technology.

  • We engage policy makers and stakeholders around the globe to advocate for the future of mobility, and demonstrate how Uber benefits the cities in which we operate.

  • We handle all things people-related so our employees around the globe can do their best work.

  • We are dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. The Safety & Insurance team sits at the core of Uber’s business and is working to redefine what it means to be safe on the roads at global scale.

  • Security is at the core of Uber’s commitment to do the right thing, ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in everything we do. We partner with internal and external stakeholders all over the world to manage risk and collectively define solutions that can help move the business forward.

San Francisco Bay Area jobs