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Uber MBA Interns reimagine the way the world moves for the better

2 de marzo de 2022 / Global

At Uber, MBA Interns can work on projects that help millions of people around the world go anywhere and get anything. Our 3-month program offers the chance to work across many of our teams, from Product Management to Marketing, Finance to Operations, helping us achieve our ambitious mission of reimagining the way the world moves for the better. Below, hear from managers and mentors about how they support interns to drive their growth at Uber, and past interns about why they chose Uber.

Why pursue an MBA Internship at Uber? 

Dawn Carter
Director, Campus Recruiting

“I’ve been at Uber for 2+ years and what I love most is how fast things move. I’m always learning and finding ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone. As you pursue your MBA, we know you want to join a company where you can drive change and have an impact. There’s nowhere better than Uber.

At Uber, you will have clearly defined projects that tie directly to our strategic company priorities, and mentorship to support you along the way. You will work on hard problems and make an impact on the company that lasts beyond your internship. We are a place to learn and launch your career!”

Can MBA interns be entrepreneurial at Uber?

Carolina Saux
Central Operation, Sr. Manager Consumer Platform LATAM

“Absolutely! As an MBA Intern, you’ll get opportunities to work on real opportunities and autonomy on how to achieve them! You build your own working groups, solutions, and get the chance to test and learn from them. Working at Uber couldn’t be more entrepreneurial!”

Why did you return to Mexico from Europe after your MBA?

Gema Escobosa
Corporate Strategy Lead | Summer 2018 MBA Intern

“Latin America is unique and working at a global tech company makes it even more so. What works for other markets may not work for us. This mix makes it the perfect place to innovate. Additionally, knowing that you are contributing and having an impact on the development of Latin America is very fulfilling. 

Returning to Mexico from Europe also allowed me to be close to my family. Living in Mexico City, I can see them more often, even if we don’t live in the same place. Time zones make a huge difference in staying connected. Finally, the quality of life here is very high here. There’s a great culture and amazing food.”

How much impact can MBA Interns have at Uber?

George Gordon
VP, Operations, Global Mobility

“A lot! Things at Uber move really fast, and as a result, we have more opportunities to go after than people. So all Uber interns work on real, meaningful projects that full-time employees would otherwise work on. And your ability to have an impact is almost unparalleled. Our platform spans 72 countries, 118 million monthly users, and is the largest source of work in the world!”

What does an MBA Intern manager expect?

Juan Eiroa
Director, Strategy & Planning

“We have high expectations from our MBA interns since they will help us solve real-world, complex problems. Your manager will count on you to bring a fresh perspective to generate innovative solutions. They will encourage you to connect with as many people as you can to get to know our culture and for us to learn from you. They will also look for you to be proactive to find and propose alternatives that we might not have thought of during your project. Finally, they will expect a high-quality outcome with tangible recommendations. The MBA Internship and full-time program are key aspects of our talent attraction strategy, and we look forward to having an amazing class of interns this year.”

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