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Shilpa Bangera on Uber’s inclusive and mission-driven culture

14 de septiembre de 2021 / Global

Written by Cleo Tarca, Marketing Manager

Shilpa Bangera considers Uber her first foray into the world of tech companies. She spent the first two decades of her career in financial services, starting in banking and holding leadership roles at places like JP Morgan, Bloomberg, and the London Stock Exchange. Now, Bangera leads the Enterprise account management and customer success teams at Uber for Business while also heading up B2B global channel partnerships. 

While the focus of Bangera and her team is enterprise business growth and laying the foundation for new client success, building up her team is equally as important to her. “Their success is directly tied to the success of the company and directly proportional to how I succeed as a leader,” she says. “The majority of my time is spent understanding what needs to happen so they can be successful, [how I] can guide them, and the hindrances I can address.” 

Bangera also works hard to ensure that her team embodies Uber’s culture, one that she feels stands out among places she’s worked. “I find it to be a very inclusive culture. It’s a company that’s really invested in their employees,” she says. “[What] really energizes me about Uber are its people, my team, and that I’m part of something that aligns with my values––ones that gives me a sense of purpose to drive impact and an environment where I am learning every day.” 

When describing the Uber for Business organization, Bangera emphasizes that the team at large is passionate, purposeful, mission-driven, and empathetic. “Even in times when things seem challenging, there is a sense of humility in acknowledging that we are in a building phase and that we are all in it together. That is a level of understanding that sometimes organizations miss out on.”

Beyond the positive culture, Bangera loves the fast-paced and dynamic nature of Uber for Business. “Things never get stale. Every other day you’re maneuvering through new ideas, initiatives, and most recently the challenge of having to pivot and change,” she says. She asserts that there is no manual for high performance, just a devotion to learning something new every day and figuring things out as you go.  A willingness to wear multiple hats, the ability to collaborate, and a hunger to “get in the weeds” are all characteristics Bangera looks for when growing her team. 

As she thinks about the future, Bangera is excited about the growth possibilities. This includes helping Uber achieve its broader objectives through the ambitious revenue goals of Uber for Business: “I want to look back at my career and say I was part of that, that the work I put in was meaningful.” And to those interested in getting on board? “If you want to be part of a rocketship, here’s your chance,” she says.

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