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September 19, 2015 / Bangalore

Since the early days of Uber in Bangalore, we’ve been excited about the idea of providing everyone with easy access to transportation so reliable and affordable, that people can actually rethink car ownership. Following the recent carpooling initiative by the Bangalore Traffic Police to increase the utilisation of cars on the road, today, we’re announcing our step toward that vision with uberPOOL.

Launching soon in Bangalore, with uberPool, you will be able to share a ride—and split the cost—with another person who happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route in your city. When we find a match, we notify you of your co-rider’s first name. The beauty, though, is that you still get Uber’s signature on-demand convenience and reliability at the tap of a button. 

With UberPOOL we’ll aim to achieve our shared vision to make Bangalore a city of the future – one that looks a whole lot greener, cleaner, and more efficient thanks to fewer cars and more shared rides. Reducing the number of cars on the roads is beneficial not only to the environment, but also helps reduce traffic and congestion currently faced by commuters in our city.We first launched uberPOOL in San Francisco in August 2014. Since then, we’ve added POOL in Paris, New YorkLos Angeles, and Austin, and have heard some great stories from our riders about their POOL experience (including an engagement!).

uberPOOL has the power to revolutionise the way millions of people commute and think about getting around their cities. It can also have incredible implications for pressing problems plaguing urban environments like congestion, pollution, urban parking and transportation costs — giving even more people an affordable and viable alternative to personal car ownership while helping reduce congestion and emissions.



Enter your destination in the app.


During your trip, you can be matched with another rider traveling along a similar route.


Riding solo? Travel with a co-rider and save. Two or more people? Request a different Uber option please.


The first rider may already be in the car, so be ready to hop in when your Uber arrives. You’ll be dropped off in the most efficient order. Enjoy the ride!


We’ll be launching uberPOOL soon in beta in Bangalore, to gain insights from your adoption and usage. This will help us tremendously in iterating this experimental product to scale and make this shared vision – yours and ours – successful. We can’t wait to see the transformational impact it has on urban mobility in cities across India.