Bhubaneshwar, Coimbatore: Your uberAUTO Is Arriving Now

April 1, 2016 / Bangalore

At Uber, we are continuously trying to expand the world of transport in order to provide the most convenient and reliable ride to everyone, everywhere. With this aim, we are excited to launch uberAUTO in Bhubaneshwar and Coimbatore today.

You will now be able to ride an auto the Uber way, without the hassles of flagging one off the street or negotiating your fare. All you have to do is open up the app, slide to the uberAUTO icon, request an auto ride, get one at your doorstep and pay for your ride by cash, e-wallet or Debit/Credit card.

Autos are iconic and one of the primary modes of transportation in many of the cities across India. With uberAUTO, we are using technology to offer more choice by expanding the universe of transportation in cities where auto-rickshaws are a staple.

With this launch, while we’re offering another low-cost and reliable option for our riders, the drivers also get an opportunity to work more efficiently–using technology to get more ride requests.


Users simply select the uberAUTO option in-app and request for their auto ride. Riders can pay for their rides by using cash, e-wallet or Debit/Credit card.

  • There is no booking fee or additional charge to riders
  • A valid Uber account is needed to be able to book an uberAUTO ride
  • A maximum of 3 people can ride in an uberAUTO
  • Fares for uberAUTO in Coimbatore – ₹3/km + ₹1/min + ₹15 (min fare) | Base Fare ₹15. uberAUTOS are currently available within these city limits
  • Fares for uberAUTO in Bhubaneswar – ₹3/km + ₹1/min + ₹15 (min fare) | Base Fare ₹15. uberAUTOS are currently available within these city limits