Uber launches initiatives aim to help remove barriers that women earners face in their businesses.

Johannesburg, 23 March 2023 – Today Uber launched GigSister and Zoie Health to women earners using the Uber and Uber Eats platform at an event hosted in Johannesburg. The initiatives aim to help remove barriers that women earners face in their businesses. Uber aspires to grow the female earner base because it understands the value women bring to the economy. The tech company will be touching the many thousands of women drivers and couriers active on the app to build a community that has access to tools, information and services to support their businesses.

#GigSister, created by Women@Uber in partnership with Google, is a global programme that consists of a series of #iamRemarkable training sessions. They are designed to equip the women with leadership tools they can use to position their businesses for success. The programme, which has already achieved success in parts of Europe and the UK, aims to uplift and empower women through mental health support, motivation and self-promotion, as well as self-defence training.

We have also partnered with L’Oreal and their global campaign to end street harassment and to offer drivers tips on how to safely combat street harassment. 

To further support female earners who face unique challenges in South Africa, Uber is pleased to announce the launch of Zoie Health . For the next 12 months, female earners will have access to bespoke health and wellness services for them and their families.

These services include:

  • A free community of women to share their health and wellness journeys;
  • Free advice from a variety of health professionals in the community;
  • Free healthcare resources for all stages of womanhood;
  • Virtual consultations with healthcare professionals; and
  • Contraception delivery

During the event, Zoie Health co-founder Thato Schermer explained, “We’re thrilled to be working with Uber to provide this to female drivers on their platform to improve their overall wellness. Alongside their work as drivers and couriers, they also take care of loved ones. With this benefit, we hope not only to help keep them safer in their daily lives but also give them affordable and convenient healthcare that saves them time and money.”

“To help improve their earnings, we are excited to launch a new revenue stream for women drivers. For every new driver you refer to Uber in South Africa, drivers will get R1000* once-off when their referee completes their first five trips. The programme is live for drivers, and for female couriers, the referral programme will go live in April”, says Mpho Mutuwa, Head of Communications for Uber South Africa.

Uber is confident that, in the coming months and years, these ongoing concerted efforts will play an increasingly important role in challenging traditional gender norms. They hope to empower women in Africa to earn an income, gain independence and create the lives and futures they deserve. 

“We are committed to helping female drivers on the platform grow, and we believe these initiatives are a great step towards empowering them. We want them to they bring the best version of themselves to their businesses and their families”, concludes Mutuwa.



Drivers will be under no obligation to (i) accept receipt of or (ii) use any products and/or services mentioned herein. Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies. Uber in no way whatsoever warrants as to the quality of any products or services nor does Uber make any claims as to the effectiveness, medical or health benefits related to the use of such products or services. Drivers are encouraged to consider the use of such products and/or services at their own discretion.



About Women@Uber

Our mission is to connect, empower, and support the advancement of women at Uber. We are building a strong community of women and allies to share knowledge, provide access to leadership and mentoring, and attract and retain top talent to Uber. Women at Uber is open to everyone—men and women, managers and individual contributors.


*Refer a friend programme:

For every new driver a female earner refers to Uber in South Africa, they will get a total R1000* once their referee completes their first 5 trips. They also need to have completed 50 trips over 360 days. For the driver that has been referred: we are offering new drivers in South Africa a special, one-off promotion, where they will receive R500* by successfully completing 5 trips. Ts&Cs apply