Uber is all about keeping Joburg moving – bringing a safe, reliable and flexible solution to urban transport at the tap of a button.

For driver-partners, the Uber platform has provided an opportunity to earn a better living to provide for their families. Uber has created 2,000 working opportunities since launching in South Africa and could easily create 15,000 more in the next two years.

Today, there was a gathering of a small number of metered taxi drivers against Uber in Johannesburg. No approvals were obtained for this demonstration and these actions only try to limit consumer choice. Safety, reliability, innovation and choice are why the people of Johannesburg are choosing services like Uber. We believe in an open and constructive dialogue on the future of mobility in Joburg, with all relevant stakeholders, is warranted.

Despite today’s protest, Uber will continue to provide a safe, reliable and innovative service to the people of Johannesburg, and ensure a safe and secure working environment for our driver-partners, meeting the consumer demands of the 21st century.