Update to our Cancellation Fee Policy

February 8 / South Africa

From 8 February 2021, we’ll be making changes to our cancellation fee policy to help make Uber a better experience for both riders and drivers. 

To ensure fairness for everyone using the Uber app, the new cancellation fee will be based on the distance travelled and time spent by driver-partners while driving to a requested pickup point. We know that plans change and that a trip may be requested by accident, which is why the fee will only apply if a ride is cancelled 3 minutes after it’s requested. Because of this, we encourage you to only request a ride when you’re ready to go to avoid a cancellation fee!

The new minimum and maximum cancellation fees are as follows:

Vehicle TypeMinMax

If you believe you were charged a cancellation fee in error, please let us know via the  ‘Help’ section of your Uber app.

Disclaimer: All information provided herein was, to the best of Uber’s knowledge, correct and complete as at the time of sharing. Uber will not be held liable for any incomplete or incorrect information.