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Uber’s Emergency Button

July 13, 2020 / South Africa

In an emergency, seconds count.

We want you to have the tools to get help quickly if you’re facing an emergency situation. That is why we added an emergency button to the Uber app.

We have recently invested in new technology that now makes certain trip details available to emergency services electronically. 

Sharing details automatically

When a rider or driver uses the in-app emergency button to call emergency services, the car’s make and model, license plate, and GPS location are made available to these private emergency services and security responders. 

Working with emergency services and our partners, RapidSOS and Aura, we are excited for South Africa to be the first country outside of US and Canada to launch these new enhancements!

How it works

Riders and drivers can access the safety toolkit by tapping the shield icon on their app’s map screen while on a trip. After tapping the Emergency Assistance feature, you will see your GPS location, car make and model, and license plate.

If you tap the “Call Security” button and connect to a private emergency services and security responder, those trip details become available to them digitally and can be used to respond to an emergency. 

The app will indicate that trip information is automatically shared with emergency services. Riders and drivers can choose not to share their trip information with private emergency services and security responders by changing the privacy settings in their app.

Your safety is a top priority. 
After your contact with the emergency services, Uber’s customer support team will check in to see if you’re all right.