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Uber Reserve has arrived

August 27 / South Africa

Now more than ever, reservations are a way of life – reserve a premium Uber experience up to 30 days in advance, for whenever you’re ready to take a trip.

How does Uber Reserve work?

You can now reserve a premium Uber Black experience – up to 30 days in advance, for whenever you’re ready to ride. You will be able to see all upcoming reservations in your app menu by going to Reservations.

What makes an Uber Reserve trip different to other trips?

An Uber Reserve trip is reserved and a driver is assigned in advance of the trip time. Once a driver has been assigned to the trip, the fare is then locked and will not change.  Your driver will also arrive 15 minutes before the pick up time that you’ve scheduled. You can then choose to start the trip earlier, at the selected pick up time, or up to 15 minutes after your selected pick up time. 

On time, every time

Our new technology helps ensure that you’re picked up on time, every time.

Ready when you are

Your ride happens on your schedule, with 15 minutes of wait time included.

Upfront Pricing

With upfront pricing, you’ll always know what you’re paying ahead of time.

Uber Reserve cancellation policy

Since you are reserving a driver in advance, if you cancel a Reserve trip less than 1 hour before pick up, you will be responsible for the full trip fare. So if your plans change and you need to cancel a trip, please do so more than 1 hour before your scheduled pick up time.