Using Uber’s Family Profiles Feature to Take Care of Your Loved Ones

August 1, 2018 / South Africa

If you haven’t heard of Uber’s Family Profiles feature yet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Do you have a family with adult children? Are you responsible for getting others home safely, whether it’s babysitters, friends or family members? Family Profiles are made for people who want to be sure their loved ones comfortably reach their destination. However, it’s important to remember that this only works for groups of adults, as children are not permitted to ride with Uber unsupervised.

With Family Profiles you can register up to 5 Uber accounts and the users will be able to travel using your credit card, but in the interest of your privacy, they will never be able to access your card details through the app. You will receive a receipt for every ride so you can stay on top of your loved ones’ comings and goings.

You might be a parent to grown up kids who live in a different city or live at home with you. Instead of them nagging you for your card details every time they want to order an Uber, Family Profiles allows your children to safely and efficiently use your card on their own account. Your children might be at university or starting to work and this is one way you can support them, because we all know that students and young graduates could always use a little help from their parents! Having their Uber trips covered could ease the stresses of getting to exam venues, meetings or on nights out.

The feature can also work if you have parents or other family members who don’t drive and still need to get around. You can ensure they get where they need to be by inviting them to your “Family” on the app and feel assured knowing they are safe. Brothers, sisters, friends or even colleagues can enjoy this feature if you decide to take charge of their trips.

All you need to do is head over to “Settings” on your app menu, set up the Family Profile and add the payment method along with your family and friends. You can also easily add or remove members or delete the feature. The aim is for the profile organiser to take care of their loved ones in a hassle-free, but still protected fashion.

Take advantage of this Uber feature sooner rather than later and save yourself time, effort, and worry. You don’t need to stress about your loved ones accessing your credit card details, unless you want them to, while they’re safely traveling from A to B with your permission and surveillance.