Uber for Business

Telkom Kenya + Uber: A better travel experience

August 15, 2018 / Africa

For Telkom – a leading telecommunications provider in Kenya – Uber for Business didn’t just deliver a more flexible travel solution for their teams. There were real savings, too.

Telkom Kenya is a leading telecommunications company, connecting the people that keep Kenya on the move. It provides integrated telecommunication solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Government and large corporates in Kenya.

Telkom Kenya’s teams need to be out in the market with minimal fuss, travelling to and from multiple touchpoints on any given day. They needed to ensure that ground transport was reliable and had built-in safety features, especially when travel is often required after hours.

Uber for Business on the road for Telkom Kenya 

Before moving to Uber for Business, Telkom Kenya was using a taxi provider where requests had to be made over the phone and far in advance.

The push to move to Uber came straight from Telkom Kenya staff, who were eager to move to the same app that they were already using for their personal travel.  

Telkom Kenya management responded and after a successful trial, they integrated Uber into their travel processes through Uber for Business.

“Uber for Business has been convenient and efficient for Telkom Kenya employees. Most of us already used Uber for our personal travel and we wanted the same experience at work” said Rachel Wandia, Corporate Communications.

Whether travelling to a client meeting, going to the office or going to carry out routine maintenance, Uber For Business provides a flexible on demand travel solution.

“In regard to security, Uber for Business has given our staff confidence; they know that they will get to their destination safely,” said Jacob Mutuku, Fleet Manager.

Cost savings and efficiency with Uber for Business

Partnering with Uber for Business hasn’t just meant greater employee satisfaction. It has also brought significant cost savings for Telkom Kenya, in addition to improved flexibility and efficiency.

“When it comes to costs, we’ve had savings of about 50% of what we used to spend before Uber for Business”

Geoffrey Ronoh, Business Process Specialist

Key Benefits for Telkom Kenya

  • Significant cost savings: Uber for Business has saved Telkom Kenya approximately 50% compared to the previous taxi provider, according to one of Telkom Kenya’s Business Process Specialists. 
  • Improved budgeting ability: Telkom Kenya is also able to better budget for ground transport expenses by using Uber for Business weekly usage reports to forecast upcoming costs.
  • More flexibility: With Uber for Business, Telkom Kenya staff can order cars on-demand with on average shorter wait times. This gives them greater flexibility to attend to client calls.  
  • Enhanced processes: Telkom Kenya used to manually reconcile payment receipts from taxi rides. With Uber for Business, payment receipts are automatically sent to Telkom Kenya’s managers, improving process efficiency.

Looking towards the future

Telkom Kenya recently completed an inland data centre in Nairobi to meet the growing demand for cloud-based services in the region. This is in addition to partnering with Loon (Alphabet inc.) to offer balloon-powered 4G/LTE access network in Kenya.

Infrastructure expansions such as these are an exciting indication for the future. Behind the scenes, services like Uber for Business will continue to support business developments and growth plans, by enabling people to carry out their day-to-day roles efficiently.

“Uber for Business has been cost-effective and flexible. It gets our teams to their meetings on time while allowing them to amend their travel plans as required” said Jacob Mutuku, Fleet Manager.

Learn more and sign-up for Uber for Business here and visit Telkom Kenya’s website here