No mask, no ride!

August 13, 2020 / South Africa

All riders and drivers are required to wear masks or face coverings when using the Uber app. To help drivers follow these restrictions, we’ve provided drivers with free masks to wear on-trip through a partnership with the YES Foundation.  When we wear face masks, we protect each other. 

Our latest in-app face recognition tool will confirm that drivers are wearing a mask or face covering before going online. Once confirmed, riders will then receive a message that the driver is wearing a mask and that the driver has confirmed that they have taken the necessary precautions and are ready to pick you up.

Drivers can cancel a ride without a penalty if a rider isn’t wearing a mask or face covering. Riders can do the same. These cancellations must be related to safety concerns, Uber’s Community Guidelines prohibit discrimination against anyone based on their race or perceived national origin.

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