Keeping Each Other Safe During COVID-19

February 22 / South Africa

You deserve to be able to move safely no matter what is happening in the world, which is why we’ve implemented standards that contribute to the safety of our communities and focus on helping you feel safe before, during and after every trip.

Pre-Trip Hygiene Protocols:

  • Face Mask Verification: Through innovative facial recognition technology, we’re able to help confirm that drivers are wearing a mask or face covering before going online. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a message that the driver is wearing a mask.
  • Safety Checklists: Uber has launched a new interactive safety checklist that riders and drivers must acknowledge before using the app:
    • Driver: Drivers are required to follow the advice of public health authorities regarding Covid-19, including hand washing, cleaning cars, using sanitising products. When logging into the app, drivers will receive the checklist of steps that must be confirmed before taking trips on the Uber platform.
    • Rider: Riders will also be required to take safety precautions, and will receive a reminder before each trip to follow hygiene best practices, such as washing their hands before getting in the car, sitting in the backseat, and opening windows for ventilation.
  • Accountability and Enforcement: Accountability is key – and it goes both ways. That’s why we’re encouraging both riders and drivers to cancel trips without penalty if either party isn’t wearing a face mask or face covering. It’s important to note that Uber’s Community Guidelines prohibit discrimination against anyone based on their race, national origin or gender. 

On-trip Hygiene Protocols:

  • No mask, no ride: In line with South African government legislation, face masks are mandatory on every Uber trip – when you wear a mask, you not only protect yourself, but your driver and the entire Uber community. 
  • Seating: The maximum seating capacity has been reduced across all vehicle options, and riders are encouraged to sit in the backseat for additional physical distancing between riders and drivers.

Post-trip Hygiene Protocols:

  • New safety and hygiene feedback: The post-trip feedback in the Uber app now has new options, including if a rider or driver is not wearing a mask. The feedback received will be considered if a rider or driver repeatedly disobeys any mandatory safety standards. 

These safety measures are applicable across all Uber vehicle options, and will stay in effect for the coming period –  and will be reviewed based on the latest official health guidance.