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Helping you survive the Januworry blues

January 19 / South Africa

Januworry – officially the longest month of the year! We know how stressful the Januworry pinch can be, and we’re here to help you navigate the month with ease. From low-cost vehicle options to monthly plans designed to help you save more, we’ve got you!

Ride for less with Uber Go

Move around with Uber’s lower-cost vehicle option, Uber Go, which comes with smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles. Whether it’s a trip to the shops or a visit with loved ones, tap Uber Go to get there more affordably.

Save more with Uber Pass

Whether you’re heading to work or running low on essential goods, get ready to unlock savings with Uber Pass. For a fixed monthly fee, you save more on both Uber and Uber Eats, letting you do more!

Send it with Uber Connect

Request an Uber Connect ride and send items across town in just a few taps. Without leaving your home, you’re able to pack it, send it and track it for more peace of mind!

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