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How to be a 5-star Uber rider!

October 18, 2018 / South Africa

Everyone deserves to have a 5-star trip experience – both riders and drivers. Not there yet? Not to fret. Every ride gives you a new opportunity to boost your rider rating!

Here are some of our favourite #ProTips to help improve your Uber rider rating:

Right place, right time
If your pick-up becomes a game of cat and mouse, your driver is more likely to rate you lower. Do your best to double check that the pin is dropped at your exact location and request from there. Running a few minutes late? Text or call your driver to let them know.

Ready or not, here comes your Uber
Be mindful of your driver’s time – their time is valuable and they have their own errands to attend to. If you’re requesting for a group of friends, gather up your crew before requesting.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
We all know it – treat others as you wish to be treated – and, it applies to your Uber rides as well. Try to say hello, and introduce yourself when you get in the car. This also helps drivers ensure they’re picking up the right rider so that you can both be on your way!

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself: with respect. It’s common courtesy not to shout, swear or slam the car door. Treat your driver’s vehicle like it’s your own. You wouldn’t leave trash in the backseat, right? And you wouldn’t slam the door upon getting out, right? Driver-partners use their own vehicles, so please do your best to ensure that the vehicle is in the same condition when you get out as it was when you got in. Most importantly, always respect each others differences.

Ride comfortably, rate responsibly
We want you to smile, sit back, and relax and let our drivers give you a 5-star experience. Rate your driver on their service and performance. There are a lot of factors not in the hands of the drivers, like fares. If you have a problem, you can always use the help section in our app to approach us and we’ll gladly solve your issue.

There you go. Your Uber guide to a 5-star rider rating, and ultimate bragging rights!