Uganda, enjoy 30% off uberBODA!

December 20, 2018 / Uganda

For the past 3 months, you’ve been enjoying 50% off your uberBODA rides in Uganda. While the 50% discount is now over, not all good things come to end. We’re sweetening the deal for a little longer with 30% off everyone’s favourite local ride!

Need to beat that traffic jam? Running late for lunch with the crew? Zoom through the hustle and bustle of Kampala with 30% off uberBODA!

Why are we reducing the promo from 50% to 30%?

We’re reducing the current 50% discount to 30%, so that driver-partners are able to maximise their day-to-day cash earnings while on the road. We’re committed to ensuring that Uber remains an affordable option for you, while ensuring that driver-partners are able to make up for lost disposable cash earnings while using the Uber App. In addition, we will be compensating drivers with weekly bonuses, so that their earnings remain strong.

What does 30% off look like?




Acacia Mall to City Square Kampala

UGX 3,800

UGX 2,400

MUBS to Acacia Avenue

UGX 4,600

UGX 2,900

Bugolobi to Village Mall

UGX 2.000

UGX 1,200

Ntinda to City Square Kampala

UGX 6,200

UGX 3,900

How to request your uberBODA ride:

  • Open the Uber app
  • Enter your destination
  • Swipe across to the uberBODA vehicle view
  • Request your ride as usual
  • Watch as your uberBODA arrives in minutes
Let’s keep Uganda moving – together.