Uber cities in Uganda: Exploring Kampala

March 4, 2019 / Uganda

City dwellers in Uganda have been catching rides for more than two years now with Uber availability in none other than the country’s sprawling capital of Kampala. Whether it’s commuters or day trippers, solo or squad riders, Ugandans have been finding countless ways and reasons to ride in the country’s number one Uber city.

Uber availability in Uganda

Ride around town

Whether it’s your first time in Kampala or your fiftieth, there’s always something new to explore—and there are few better ways to explore than with Uber.

Try hopping in an UberX for a comfortable visit to the city’s cultural centres: check out the Uganda Museum, the go-to spot for exploring national culture, and reminisce about royalty at Kabaka’s Palace and the ancient Kasubi Tombs. Or you could tour some of the best shopping opportunities and foodie venues that Kampala city centre has to offer—it really is all up to you.

Uber availability in Uganda

Into nature

Sometimes you just need a break, to take a trip and escape the city for a while. Fortunately, Uber availability in Kampala means this has never been easier to do.

A short ride can take you to both Miami and Ggaba Beaches in south-east Kampala. If it doesn’t feel like a beach day, the Namanve Forest Reserve to the east is also nearby. And don’t forget to bring friends! Fare splitting makes taking day trips with Uber even easier and cheaper when you bring a group.

Uber availability in Uganda

Connecting destinations

Of course, not all travel is for pleasure, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pleasurable. Uber in Uganda provides you with comfortable and convenient connections to various transport services for seamless travel across the country right from your doorstep.

Shift your luggage with ease by riding to Kampala Railway Station or one of the various coach parks in the city before changing for further travel. You can even request a ride direct from Kampala city center to Entebbe International Airport—and vice-versa—for a painless land-to-air transfer.

We’re only moving onwards and upwards with Uber in Uganda: whether we’re expanding our service area or offering new ride options, our service in Kampala is only the beginning. So, make sure to stick around for the ride ahead.