Taking safety to the next level in Kampala

June 10, 2019 / Uganda

A huge part of our mission is to connect you with an affordable and convenient ride at the touch of a button, while doing our best to ensure that you get to your destination as safely as possible. We’re always working harder to bring industry-leading safety offerings to both riders and drivers in Uganda, and from 10 June 2019 we’ll be launching Safety Week Campaign in Kampala.

Boda Driver Excellence Program – putting safety first for driver-partners:

On 15 May 2019, we introduced a new Driver Excellence Programme for uberBBODA driver-partners in Kampala. This was done in partnership with certified driving schools (Uganda Driving Standards Agency & Automotive Association of Uganda), and offers boda road safety as both a theoretical and practical component. Certified instructors take driver-partners through the essentials of road safety, as well as how to deliver great customer service, which helps to ensure a smooth experience for riders.

Partner Injury Protection – Accident Insurance from UAP-Old Mutual Insurance:

Did you know that you can get help with medical treatment costs if you’re injured in an accident while on an Uber trip? If you’re injured in an accident while on-trip and want to get help with your medical treatment costs, please use the in-app claim form or contact UAP-Old Mutual.  Find out more here.

100% Compliant uberBODA driver-partners:

Our commitment extends past just additional safety training. We’re the only e-hailing company that only onboards boda drivers on to our platform of they’re fully compliant with the law. All uberBODA drivers have a valid class A driver’s permit, and we’ve created a programme that allows drivers to get their permit  if they do not have one.

Keep loved ones in the loop:

Did you know that you can share your trip details with family and friends directly through the app? Let loved ones know where you by swiping up on your Uber app and tap “Send Status” for a shareable link to your trip details. This informs loved ones of your current location with an expected time of arrival, as well as the details of your Uber driver.

Rate your trip:

After completing an Uber ride, you can leave an overall rating to let us know how your journey was. It’s a quick, easy and anonymous way to inform us how satisfied you were with your ride, or to let us know if you have any complaints. Both riders and drivers are able to rate each other and we review all feedback to make sure everyone in our community stays safe and treats each other respectfully.

Your safety tools all in one place:

It may seem like there are a lot of Uber safety measures to keep track of, but the in-app Safety Centre makes all of them readily accessible. Just tap the shield icon in the bottom right of the map screen to open the Safety Centre menu. From here, you can immediately share your trip data or press the emergency button to call for police assistance. You can also access the Safety Centre’s information area, where you can set up your trusted contacts and find out more about the various safety features built into the Uber platform.

While we always want to ensure that everyone has a safer ride with Uber, we can’t do it alone. Whenever you’re catching a ride with us, or anyone for that matter, make sure to do your part by riding responsibly: respect your driver and their vehicle, keep your seatbelt on during the ride and if something seems wrong, never hesitate to contact us. Safe travels!