How much is an Uber ride to…

June 3, 2019 / Uganda

When it comes to getting from A to B easily and conveniently, Uber is one of the best options in Uganda. Whether you’re day-tripping around town or riding down to the beach in Kampala, we’re always on hand to help. But when you’re planning an outing, you might be wondering what exactly Uber fares in Uganda are – don’t worry, it’s easy to get a fare estimate for an Uber ride.


Fare estimator

The Uber fare estimator is also a way to easily check the price of a trip ahead of time. If you’re planning an outing with friends, just put in a starting point and destination to get an Uber fare estimate for a ride, so you can compare travel prices and routes before you head out.

The fare estimator however will only give you a price estimate that can be subject to change. After the base rate and booking fee, there are a number of things that can affect our prices at a given time:


Dynamic pricing

We use a dynamic pricing system to change Uber rates based on local factors. If you’re a seasoned Uber user, you might have seen the price surge warning before – this essentially means that there are too many riders requesting rides at once for the numbers of available drivers, increasing the price.

This can happen for a variety of reasons and whilst there may be a higher price momentarily, dynamic pricing means that drivers will get on the road swiftly to service the increase in rider demand.

Ride Options

How much an Uber ride costs is also determined by the type of ride you choose. There are a number of different ride options in Uganda each with their own prices, whether that’s UberX or UberBODA in Kampala. Check your ride options when you go to request a ride in the Uber app: for comfort, UberX is the way to go but UberBODA will offer the more affordable ride.

Fare Split

And let’s not forget one of the best things about riding with Uber – riding with friends! If you travel together, it’s, of course, more fun, but it lowers the cost, as you can share the fare among all passengers easily via the Uber app. At any point before or during your ride, simply select “Fare Split” and then enter the names or mobile phone numbers of your friends. When they accept the invite, the fare will be automatically split between your account at the end of the ride.

Note: You will need to use a credit card as a payment method in order to use certain features like fare splitting.


Wherever you’re traveling to in Kampala, remember these points and you’ll know what to expect when it comes Uber rates in Uganda.