Taiwan’s night markets have always been well-loved and an iconic part of the country’s local food culture. This unique experience is frequented by locals and travellers alike, especially in busier cities like Taipei. While many brave the crowds to satisfy their comfort food cravings, soon you will also be able to enjoy your favourite street foods on nights when you don’t feel like leaving home.

Uber Eats today announced that it is working with the Ningxia Night Market Tourism Association to make popular dishes from their vendors available on Uber Eats from mid-November this year. We also hope to support the 150+ SMBs in the Ningxia Night Market capture more opportunities, by providing a platform for tourists to discover unique Taiwanese treats through Uber Eats.

In the first stage of this partnership, Uber Eats will onboard nearly 20 restaurants from Ningxia Night Market, including many local favourites like FUN SUN G Fried Chicken, Hongji Scallion Pie, Tung Nien Papaya milk, Ye Ji herbal tea, and Ningxia squid. 

Lin Ding-kuo, The President of Ningxia Night Market Tourist Association shared that “Thinking internationally while operating locally has been our central strategy to promote Ningxia Night Market. Our restaurants are looking forward to new opportunities that Uber Eats will bring to the table. We hope to attract more international tourists and believe that the ability to review customer feedback and data-driven insights will also help us improve our offerings.”

Vendors and restaurants in Ningxia Night Market put out bilingual signs and menus, while some also learn different languages to create a friendlier environment for international visitors. Ningxia Night Market is also the first night market to adopt e-payments in Taipei, with some vendors even making more information on their dishes available through QR codes. 

“We are delighted to partner with Ningxia Night Market, to share some of Taiwan’s most famous local dishes with more people through Uber Eats. As we continue to support local F&B industries, we hope to unlock more opportunities that range from launching new menu items to extending the window they have to market their dishes every day.”  said General Manager of Uber Eats Taiwan, Chai Lee. “We also hope that our efforts will also generate more awareness for local treasures like Ningxia Night Marketing to an international audience.”