Trending in Taiwan 2017: This year’s movements and meals, according to Uber and Uber Eats!

December 11, 2017 / Taiwan

 As the pace gets faster and faster in life, we move around the city anytime and everywhere, and we will learn more about the lifestyle of each country and city through people’s way of moving.

By looking at the data from Uber and Uber Eats in 2017, we find people’s very interesting life trajectories and patterns, like where do we spend the weekends?Which food is the most popular at mealtime?These records reflect the different periods of behavior patterns!We’ve uncovered some interesting trends that have made 2017 yet another year to remember.

For most people, the time after getting off work is really important. The rush hour for taking Uber is 10 o’clock. Are you ending work overtime at this moment? Or are you ready to escape the company on the way to exciting nightlife? 

In any case, grasp the moment from getting off work, leave the office quickly, and hold on the work schedule by your time!

During the week, most people take Uber on Fridays. Maybe you are super busy with work, or you are arranging the weekend time to relax.

This year, most people take the Uber day in the 1/1 of New Year’s Day to greet the New Year’s first trip, so exciting!

Taiwan is a haven of food. In Taiwan, although all delicious food is available for 24 hours a day, however, rice is still the most popular part for everyone according to the data from UberEATS. We found that the largest variety of food types is rice in UberEats delivery.

Rice is the best supporting role in every meal and may become the protagonist sometimes; anyway, any food with rice is more delicious definitely.

Uber’s popularity is across 491 cities and 80 countries totally. Taiwanese like to take Uber anywhere, especially in the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong; these countries are the most popular boarding. Want to travel around the world?Let us take Uber dreams!

Uber has become an important part of our lives in this city. On May 20 this year, Uber exceeded 5 billion rides worldwide!

Thank you for all the support from Taiwan Uber users, thank you for joining!

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