#UberPuppy Day

December 2, 2013 / Taipei

With the release of the movie Twelvenights, the care of stray dogs in Taiwan has become a hot topic of discussion, and Uber is joining in to do our part. We’ve partnered with Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization as well as Wayne’s Cafe to bring puppies to your door as part of a charity event. Are you ready for #UberPuppy ?

On 12/3/2013, Uber is delivering puppies on-demand to the residents of Taipei!

Are you ready to fire up the Uber app and have bundles of cuteness be delivered to your door?


  1. Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android

  2. Between 11am – 4pm today, request the “PUPPY!” option via your app

  3. If the pups are available, you and your buds will be enjoying 15 minutes of snuggles and brownies from Wayne’s Cafe as well as a limited edition Uber Travel Mug!

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It’s only  NT $300 to:

  • Play with the Puppies for 15 minutes

  • Enjoy brownies from Wayne’s Cafe

  • Receive an Uber Travel Mug

What’s more? ALL of that money will be donated to Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization and will be automatically charged to your Uber account. If you want to donate more, we’ll have volunteers on site to collect additional cash donations!

Uber, can I keep it?

YES, you can apply to adopt a puppy on that day! Just let the LCO representative on site know and they will take down your information and follow up with the adoption process. Stretch those 15 minutes out to a lifetime!

Please ensure your puppy delivery location

If you’re lucky enough to get one of our PuppyMobiles, please make sure your office manager, landlord, and/or neighbors will welcome these adorable little guys with open arms! Ideally, we’d like a small enclosed space to place these puppies in.

Spread the puppy love! #UberPuppy !

We encourage you to post pictures of this wonderful expereince and share it on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to raise awareness for this charity event so that more of these little fellas can get a chance to find a new home! Remember to hashtag #UberPuppy so that people around the world will get a chance to see how cute these little pups are!

Limited Availability!

These PuppyMobiles will be extremely limited in quantity on the day of the event! If you can’t seem to get a puppy, please be patient and try again! Hopefully with a little luck you’ll be able to book one soon!

照片 (1)Note: This event will NOT affect the normal UberBlack services – continue to ride around the city in style as you normally do. 

Enjoy the puppies! They’ve just been bathed and groomed by Wayne’s Cafe, and we’ll have some snacks on hand as well to feed them, remember to take pictures for us!

台灣照顧生命協會 LCO
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LCO official website:


-Team Uber Taipei