Introduction to Eats Pass

July 10, 2020 / Taiwan

What is Eats Pass?

Eats Pass is an Uber Eats subscription offering unlimited access and savings benefits to local and national restaurants in your area. For $120. per month, you enjoy zero delivery fees and 5% off eligible orders for orders of NT$199 and above (not including delivery fees).

Why go Eats Pass?

Eats anywhere

Enjoy your food any restaurant, any time

Free delivery fee

Enjoy unlimited times

Unlimited restaurant selection

Enjoy unlimited meal

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine Eats Pass benefits with other promotions?

Eats Pass gives you all regular discounts of Uber Eats, plus added perks and benefits. If a promotion is available to you, it will work with your Eats Pass. Always check the terms to confirm eligibility.

What restaurants are included?

Your Pass covers all restaurants. If it’s on Uber Eats, there’s no delivery fee. That’s all your chain favorites and local hotspots.

I order from different locations, can I use Eats Pass on all of them? 

Eats Pass is exclusive to your city. You may be able to use it when ordering from work, or a friend’s house, if they’re all within your Eats Pass area.

Once I sign up, is there a minimum period commitment?

There is no commitment. You can cancel your subscription anytime.