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How a passion for operations led Angel through 4 roles at Uber Eats

March 7 / Global

“There are very few companies out there that give you the opportunity to make a big impact with such a degree of agency and independence,” shares Angel Papadopulos, Head of Consumer & Marketplace Operations for Uber Eats in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Below we chat with Angel about why he joined Uber, why he stays 4 years on, and the #1 thing he has learned.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“Originally from Mexico City, I spent 10 years in Vancouver studying economics and working in consulting and telecommunications before moving to Madrid to get an MBA and a Masters in Analytics. It was there where I met my partner who is from Belgium but based out of London, and decided to move to the UK 4 years ago and join Uber.

I’m passionate about football and have practiced it in some capacity since I was 3. My favorite thing about working for Uber Eats is that everyone has an opinion about what we do and we are one of the few companies in the world who can truly claim to be changing the world around us for the better.” 

How has your role evolved at Uber?

“I first joined Uber’s Courier and Marketplace team to work on safety, fraud and compliance. It was during this time that I truly came to terms with the responsibility that comes with running a three-sided marketplace with consumers, earners, and merchants. 

After 8 months of building to solve some of our biggest compliance and safety pain points, I was tasked with scoping what an Eater Operations function should look like and how to improve the way we surface selection to eaters. Eventually, I took full ownership of the vertical and built our Eater Operations team in the UK. At this point I learned first hand what it means to have the type of platform that very few companies can offer and the kind of impact I can have working for Uber Eats. This is one of the best things about working for Uber. There are very few companies out there that give you the opportunity to make a big impact with such a degree of agency and independence. 

After 2 years of leading Eater Operations I was asked to take on the combined Eater and Marketplace Operations team. The most interesting thing about that step was that it forced me to deep dive into the core of our operations and build an understanding of how everything comes together. 

Today, I am Head of Consumer and Marketplace Operations for Uber Eats UK&I and my scope includes everything consumer and marketplace, including solving for how to acquire new members for our subscription product, Uber One, and partnering with our CRM function to improve the way we interact with our consumers in the UK.”

What does your day-to-day look like?

“I feel at the center of our operations in the UK. On a day to day basis I jump from a meeting with our EMEA leadership team to track the progress on some of our biggest priorities around improving our user experience, to working with our global product teams providing local insights contributing to the development and roll out of some of the most innovative features in the industry. It could also mean working with Strategic Finance on the successful implementation of our strategy to build for the future, to working on some of the most complex operational problems with my team including how to manage our demand and supply balance when there are things outside our control.” 

How are you building and growing Uber Eats in the UK today?

“As of last September I am the Head of Consumer & Marketplace Operations, which includes leading the operationalization of our UK strategy, balancing profitability and sustainable growth, defining our demand generation strategy, providing the best earning opportunities for couriers, and more.”  

What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned at Uber?

“I learned the value of people. The #1 reason why I go to work is that I have the support of my team to tackle really complex problems. In doing so, I get to spend time with folks who are really passionate about learning and pushing the boundaries of technology to make sure we provide magical experiences. At Uber Eats we learn by doing and collaborating with colleagues.” 

Any tips for people looking to join Uber Eats?

“No matter what your area of expertise is, learn to work with data. For those early in their career, knowing SQL and being great at developing your own insights and analysis will have an outsized impact on your ability to land a role and be successful at Uber. For experienced hires, having a rigorous understanding of experimentation techniques and storytelling is key.” 

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