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Let It Snow with Uber This Season

December 28, 2015 / Turkey


As we countdown to 2016, if you feel like something is still missing and you are longing for some “snow time” then join us today for a delightful experience.

Let us make it snow on you “on-demand”, while you enjoy a gift box of chocolates with your loved ones for FREE!

Let It Snow in Istanbul For The First Time This Season!


  1. Request “UberNewYear” on 29 December, Tuesday between 11AM – 6PM.
  2. Once connected, your UberNewYear vehicle will arrive in minutes and the snow time will begin!
  3. Enjoy this moment with your loved ones as we make it snow on you and capture your photo with a polaroid camera.
  4. We will gift you your photo and a package of delicious Italian Venchi chocolates from Eataly.


The best part? It’s all FREE.

Your #UberNewYear experience is a gift from us to you!

* Demand will be high. If you cannot find UberNewYear at first trial, please keep requesting.

UberNewYear will make it snow at several parts of the city. To see if you can make it snow in your neighborhood, check out this coverage map.

Happy New Year Istanbul!

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