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“Upfront Fares”: no math and no surprises

March 7, 2018 / Thailand

Uber rides in Thailand come with “Upfront Fares”; where the fare for a journey is displayed before you confirm a request, based on the suggested time and distance of the route to reach your destination, including toll, as well as service availability adjustment (surge) at the time of request.

The fare structure (฿ per distance,฿ per minute, base fare and minimum fare) used in the calculation also differs from city to city, to reflect different cost of transportation.

Uber app will automatically recalculate your fare based on actual time and distance at the end of the ride in the following cases:

  • The total ride distance is significantly greater than originally calculated
  • The total ride time is significantly greater than originally calculated
  • A clear change of route or destination has occurred

Why is Upfront Fare good for you?

No math, no surprise. When you know the fare upfront you won’t be surprised when the ride ends.

Upfront Fare helps to provide riders like yourself more information upfront, so you can choose to take the ride that only meets your budget.

The information shown before you choose to request a ride is not only limited to the fare. In cities where more than one Uber service are available, different services will show different fare and time of arrival, based on availability at the time (see how in this blog). This allows you to choose the service that fits your need upfront, and lessen the occasion for you to cancel your ride and face the cancellation fee.



  • When do I see the upfront fare?
  • Is the upfront fare completely inclusive (i.e. includes the, toll charges, discount etc.)?
  • When I make many stops along the way, how can upfront fare be calculated?
  • So when does actual payment and discount usage occurs?
  • So I pay what I see at first, simple as that?
  • How do I report any issues with my ride?