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Introducing Trip Reviewers for improved oversight

March 2, 2018 / Global

Uber for Business introduces a new feature to give company managers more visibility into how and when their employees travel for work.

Uber for Business already allows companies to offer their employees a simplified way to expense ground transport while streamlining hundreds of Uber charges into one monthly bill. And while some companies have lightweight travel and expense policies, others need an added layer of oversight to ensure that employees are traveling within policy and spending responsibly when rides are billed to a central billing method, like a corporate card.

Introducing Trip Reviewers

A Trip Reviewer can flag irregular trips and ask riders for additional information if necessary. Trip Reviewers might be managers, who oversee the travel of a team of employees. Or they might be Executive Assistants, who manage travel for a small number of professionals. It’s easy for an account administrator to designate a Trip Reviewer – just follow these steps.

Summing up

Uber for Business streamlines your travel program, whether your travel policy is two pages or 20 pages long. With this new feature, Uber is giving businesses even more oversight over employee travel.