It’s Khon Kaen’s time to Uber!

September 20, 2017 / Khon Kaen


Uber is arriving now in Khon Kaen!

Everyone can get excited for a better way to travel around Khon Kaen as Uber arrives on 21 September! From uberX to uberFLASH, for visitors and for locals, just open the app and tap to start riding!

All you need to know about both kinds of Uber

We take riding seriously, which is why we’re giving you two ways to Uber in Khon Kaen:

  • uberX is for privately owned vehicles and offers 1 – 4 people an affordable and reliable way to get around
  • uberFLASH is our latest experiment and is all about convenience. Choosing uberFLASH puts your request out to whoever is closest, including both uberX rides and standard taxis, meaning you’ll get a ride ASAP whilst still enjoying our low fares.

Try out Uber with a 50 discount on your first 3 rides by using the promo code:


*New users only. Up to ฿50 discount for the first 3 rides. For use in Khon Kaen. Expires 31 December 2017

New to the Uber app and applying promo? See instructions here

Already used Uber?

You can also get discounted rides by inviting your friends to try out Uber. Just share your referral code with a friend who hasn’t tried Uber before and if they signup with your code and take a trip you will also get a 50 Baht discount off your next 3 rides!

To find your referral code click go to the main menu in the Uber app and tap “Free Rides”. Click on “Send Invites” to easily send your code to friends and family and start earning your free trips!

Uber Rates in Khon Kaen

  • Starting fare ฿20
  • Charge per kilometer ฿2
  • Charge per minute ฿2
  • Minimum fare ฿40 
  • Cancellation charge ฿35 

Where We Operate

Both uberX and uberFLASH will operate in the area shown in the map below:

  • To Mooban Samjan in the North
  • To Khon Kaen border in the East
  • To Tambon Non Somboon in the South
  • To Tambon Ban Toum in the West

Interested in earning money with Uber?

If you have access to a car and want to earn extra money in your free time then head to to learn more about driving with Uber. Signing up is easy and we will support you every step of the way!