Below is an email sent today to Lion City Rentals and Uber employees from Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s Chief International Business Officer.


Since 2015 Lion City Rentals has played a key role in shaping the rental car market in Singapore.

Today I’m pleased to announce the next chapter in our journey, uniting Singapore’s largest rental fleet together with WayDrive Holdings, one of Singapore’s premier automotive groups to meet the new and increasing demand in Singapore’s on-demand mobility market.

As discussed, Uber has entered into an agreement to sell LCR to WayDrive Holdings, which will result in WayDrive Holdings taking full ownership of the LCR business, and pending the close of the deal, a full transition of all LCR employees, and driver, hirer and rental partners to WayDrive Holdings.

This is good news for Uber and WayDrive Holdings, it is also great for Lion City Rentals employees and customers. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of this team over the last 12-months, LCR’s business fundamentals are solid. Now together with WayDrive Holdings, LCR’s goal of being Singapore’s undisputed preferred car rental partner is closer than ever.

WayDrive Holdings shares our vision for delivering innovative service and exceptional customer satisfaction through world class automotive solutions. We are confident that WayDrive Holdings will take this business forward to new heights, and excited to see what the combination of our talented people will mean for Singapore.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or any member of the leadership team if you have additional questions.