Meet the Team – Joel

March 25, 2019 / Sweden

Name Joel  |  Age 35 years  |  Role General Manager, Uber Nordics

“Seeing the company grow through these years has had number of good, challenging and for sure many different work moments. I think all of these are well-contained in our current plans to bring more modes of transport, likes e-bikes, available globally.”

Joel is responsible for the business across Nordics, where Uber today operate in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. His role comes with lots of responsibilities, but generally, he aims to be the enabler for the greater team to do their work successfully across Nordics. Joel has been with Uber for over 4.5 years and prior to this adventure, he studied digital and data strategy at Hyper Island and was working as a sales manager in the renewable energy business for a few years.

– – –

“When I studied at Hyper Island, an Uber employee hosted a workshop and case competition to us. Our team won the competition and we executed the marketing idea with Uber in Stockholm. Through this, I got to know the local team and company better and got really excited about the possibility of working there. A few months later I got in, and joined back in August 2014.”

When Joel isn’t all work out of the Nordic offices, he reloads and resets by exercising, skiing, cycling, playing tennis and just enjoying the outdoors. He likes brews of all sorts (coffee and beer), good food and wine and reading. Being a Finn, he loves the saunas and does it as often as possible. With additional ice swimming in the winter, naturally.

– – –

Any Superpowers? Even after living in and working with Sweden for many years, people are still surprised by his fluency in Swedish, especially as the daily business lingo is usually English!

Joel’s Top Nordics destinations:

  • Oodi, Helsinki – The new central library opened in December 2018. “I’ve always liked spending time in libraries and Oodi definitely takes this experience to the next level.”
  • Fotografiska, Stockholm – Great exhibitions, good atmosphere and a restaurant with a fantastic view of the city, “I try to go a few times a year.”
  • Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, Malmö – “Helsinki has a great public sauna scene nowadays, but this Malmö classic carries 100 years of tradition. When living in Malmö, I got my weekly sauna fix here through summers and winters.”
  • Fiskeriet Youngstorget, Oslo – Great lunch place with fish burgers, fish & chips, all things fish! Also, the coffee and donut shop just around the corner is a treat.
  • Gothenburg – “I would definitely visit daMatteo for quality coffee, Omnipollo for great beer (my favorite brewery, love their place in Stockholm as well!) and Way Out West for a great summer weekend.

Happy Monday!