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Show employees you care with meals for any occasion

May 28, 2020 / Sweden

Food has the power to connect people through shared experiences and is often used to generate goodwill. Relationships between you and your team members are no exception. As people are physically distancing themselves, there’s an opportunity to show your employees that you still care about their well-being and appreciate their continued efforts. 

Whether ordering for pickup or delivery, during business hours or on personal time, feeding the people who connect with your business can provide a helping hand and increase engagement. In our latest ebook, you’ll learn how you can leverage Uber Eats for Business to:

  • Connect with your employees wherever they are while limiting outside exposure 
  • Show appreciation for your team even outside of the workday
  • Bond with prospects and clients during virtual events and meetings

In this post, we’ll address ways to boost your team’s morale no matter the time or place.

Work-from-home meals 

Working from home used to be a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence or luxury benefit for employees. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic requiring that we stay home to protect our peers, families, friends, and communities, remote work has become a way of life. 

As people across the world adjust to this new style of working and living, it’s crucial that we all create routines that help us stay motivated, engaged, and connected. Managing distractions while working at home is no easy feat, especially for people with kids running around or roommates sharing their office space—not to mention the endless temptation to turn on Netflix for “just 30 minutes at lunch.” 

And speaking of lunch—many employees previously relied on office-provided meals and snacks, or restaurants in the surrounding area to get the food to fuel the remainder of their workday. With the way we acquire even our most basic necessities being upended by the current circumstances, workers are looking to companies for leadership and support during this time.

This is an opportunity to help lift spirits and show your employees you care by offering the option of lunch no matter where they’re working. With Uber Eats for Business, you can give your team access to thousands of options including healthy meals that provide the nourishment to help them do their best work. The ease of ordering food for delivery means workers have one less thing to worry about while they adjust to new routines. They can even hop on a virtual team lunch to enjoy a meal “together.”

Meals for essential employees 

Many employees are still required to go to work at a physical location during this time—think warehouse workers and medical staff. These people are also facing disruption in routines, as well as restaurant closures in the surrounding area. 

Whether they previously went out to eat nearby (3 times per week on average, according to an Uber for Business survey) or visited a food truck by taking public transportation, or maybe increased demand at work means they get only a quick break or don’t have time to make their lunch at home anymore, essential employees need help now more than ever.

Show your essential employees you appreciate their tireless efforts by setting up meal programs on Uber for Business. Relying on Uber Eats for Business allows people to spend their breaks relaxing rather than stressing about where to get food. And with a delivery time typically under 30 minutes on average,* they can get back to their crucial work as quickly as needed—all while avoiding additional potential virus exposure in populated areas they might have otherwise visited for lunch.

Meals beyond the workday

Going the extra mile for your employees can extend beyond just regular work hours. Enabling your team to order food for delivery can help you provide flexible meals for them no matter the time of day. Express thanks for their hard work with food they can enjoy with their families, partners, or roommates—or late-night bites to accompany virtual happy hours and other after-hours celebrations. 

As you look to offer meals to boost employee morale, Uber for Business is here to support you. With the Uber platform, organizations can create programs so that teams can enjoy the same on-demand ride and meal solutions in their work lives—like business travel, commuting, and workday meals—as they have in their personal lives.

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*Source: Internal Uber data, 2018