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Giving a boost to employee morale with meal delivery

April 8, 2020 / Europe

Keeping your workforce engaged is more important than ever as employees across the globe adjust to new work environments and unfamiliar ways of living. 

Uber for Business is expanding its corporate meal solution to help you acclimatise to the new normal. Now you can keep employees satisfied, fueled and focused, no matter where they’re ordering from.

Our business dashboard takes the hassle out of managing billing and tracking spending, while offering a variety of meal options around the world and around the clock. It’s the only platform that gives organisations the ability to manage rides and meals for employees and customers. 

Optimise your resources while supporting employees

We’re giving you the visibility and controls needed to manage the entire meal process for your employees. Below are a few of the many ways you can use Uber Eats through your dashboard to maximise employee productivity and make the best use of company resources while helping to flatten the curve.

Maximise productivity. Food can help your team stay motivated by delivering the meals they want wherever they’re working. With access to hundreds of thousands of local restaurants in the app and an average meal delivery time of under 30 minutes, employees can enjoy more of their downtime and stay focused while working.

Minimise costs. Budgets and rules for employee meals can be set and enforced within one unified dashboard. Make expensing easy by consolidating all transactions into monthly billing and by leveraging integrations like Concur. 

Get more control over delivery options. Your team can request dropoffs at their door for no-contact delivery and heightened safety. Restaurants are also advised to follow best practices on food safety and packaging—including proper sanitisation of surfaces, food handlers and food preparation environments.

How to use the business dashboard

Our dashboard gives you the flexibility to manage food delivery for your company by enabling employees to order and expense meals individually with the Uber Eats app. Here’s how we make it easy for you to customise your meal program, set policy controls and have visibility into all orders while maintaining your existing expense process.

Customise employee meal options. Create a customised program by choosing from pre-existing templates, copying an existing program, or building your own. For example, you can create programs for late-night food, meals while travelling, and lunch or dinner.

Set rules and policy controls. Choose ordering-time windows, spending limits and delivery locations for each group member. Define a specific code to make sure expenses can be seamlessly consolidated. Add or remove members easily, all from the Uber for Business dashboard.

Simplify the employee meal experience. When employees sign up for a business profile that’s connected to your organisation, they can select that profile at checkout and use their individual corporate cards for orders on the Uber Eats app or website. Managing your team’s orders has never been easier.

We’re on a mission to move the business world forward. With the power of Uber, we can make this possible by enabling organisations to create value for their employees and guests.

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