New Mobility Supply Chain – Meet the Leader

December 4, 2019 / Global

Jeffrey Hua, Sr Manager, Operations Program Management

New Mobility is rapidly expanding the transportation services provided on the Uber platform, including electric bikes, scooters, transit, and more. New Mobility’s Jump e-bikes and scooters operate on four continents and in 36 cities, offering riders the ability to get from point A to point B more efficiently. Prashant Chouta, Global Head of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain for New Mobility Global Product Operations, leads a team of Global Supply Managers, Material Program Managers, Demand Managers, Buyers, Manufacturing Engineers, Technical Program Managers, Quality professionals and more, all who are working together to transform the future of transportation. 

Why did you join Uber?

“I joined Uber six months ago because it was a great opportunity to learn new things in a different industry and make a huge impact on a growing micro-mobility space. I grew up in San Francisco and have seen traffic and congestion get worse and worse. Being part of a team that’s actively helping to solve that problem and build a sustainable future for not only San Francisco, but all other major cities, was something too exciting to pass up.”

Describe your team to someone outside of Uber?

“I lead the Operations Program Management team that’s part of the Global Supply Chain organization, and we’re responsible for the development, production, and maintenance of our JUMP electric bike and scooter fleets. We partner closely with Engineering and Operations teams to ensure our hardware is manufactured to our design specifications and our City Ops have an adequate supply of vehicles to operate at an optimal level.” 

What excites you about working in New Mobility Supply Chain?

“Our team is responsible for the overall supply of bikes and scooters, so every vehicle that we help produce and ship means a vehicle that can be deployed to the field for our customers. In addition, the Supply Chain organization for new mobility hardware is new for Uber, so it’s exciting to be able to build out a team with hardware manufacturing capabilities and establish new processes to meet the needs of the business.”

Describe a typical day.

“Each day can look very different! It can consist of troubleshooting an urgent quality issue in the field to working with an overseas supplier on a production issue in the factory to reviewing the program status of our next generation of hardware products.”

What are the most interesting challenges you need to solve?

“The micro-mobility space is still nascent, and the entire industry is figuring out how to make it into a sustainable business. Figuring out the right combination of hardware vehicles and infrastructure along with operating and servicing models is definitely a major challenge, but we believe we’re heading in the right direction with our next generation of bikes and scooters.” 

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