Save 17% off your uberX rides in Saudi Arabia

November 6, 2017 / Saudi Arabia

Whether you’re getting from work to the mall, home to campus, or out to see friends, you can, starting today, enjoy even lower fares on uberX across Saudi Arabia.

Fares up to 17% lower on uberX

With a minimum fare as low as SAR7.00, you can now #UberEverywhere—simply tap, ride and let us get you even further for less. From your doorstep to work and everywhere in between, uberX is your low-cost and reliable ride in Saudi Arabia.

Check out the new uberX rates:

  Old uberX New uberX
 Base SAR 3.20 SAR 3.10
Per Minute SAR 0.25 SAR 0.18
Per KM SAR 0.90 SAR 0.80
Minimum Fare SAR 8.00 SAR 7.00

How will a reduction in uberX prices affect the way Uber moves?

Both riders and driver-partners benefit from the efficiency that Uber’s technology and model bring to transportation. More rider demand and more driver-partners on the road mean that driver-partners spend less time waiting around and more time moving people and earning fares. Our experience in hundreds of cities around the world has shown that lower fares bring actually leads to higher driver earnings through a boost in rider demand.

These lower fares are for a limited time only, so get riding! The more you ride, the more likely we are to keep prices this low. Our goal is simple: a seamless means of transportation which not only saves you money, but increases demand and earnings for driver-partners.

No matter where you’re headed, we hope you’ll rely on Uber to take you there.