Ramadan Mubarak! The best things to do in Ramadan in Qatar

May 14, 2019 / Qatar

During the Holy Month, Qatar, as always, will stay pretty quiet during the day, with shops and restaurants closed and many people working shorter hours.

It’s a different story after sundown, of course. In the evenings during Ramadan Doha comes alive, gleaming with light and buzzing with nightly festivities.

We’re offering our guide to enjoying ‘the best of times’ with the whole family in Qatar and making the most of this special period in the Islamic calendar. Remember, wherever you need to get to during the Holy Month, Uber is here to help.

Our guide to Iftar in Doha

After the firing of the traditional Ramadan cannon at Katara Cultural Village, signaling Maghrib, it’s time to feast!

There are many places where you can eat after dark or before dawn with friends and family during Ramadan in Doha. Ramadan tents are always popular, particularly in the larger hotels. These often feature live entertainment as well as excellent food, with extended opening times for the more nocturnal schedule.

The Argan Iftar at the Jasra Boutique Hotel is a popular destination during Ramadan. Enjoy a wide ranging buffet selection, including Lebanese, Moroccan, Italian, Indian, Asian and international cuisines. Featuring live cooking stations, kids’ area and dessert section. Also, make sure to use the

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Grand Hyatt is another great venue for Suhoor and Iftar at their Ramadanak tent. Focusing on Middle Eastern cuisine, with an international flare. The Ramadanak tent offers an unforgettable Ramadan experience with fantastic cuisine and live entertainment.

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Festivities for the young ones

Especially popular for the kids, Garangoa is a key date in the Holy Month. Typically held on the fourteenth night of the season, it’s a great chance for children to dress up and have fun after Iftar. While traditionally they have been given nuts, these days, of course, kids are more likely to be given (and want!) candy.  

This aspect of Ramadan in Qatar seems to have grown in recent years, with many schools, shopping malls, community centers and other venues holding events, including Doha Festival City and the Al Shaqab Education City. These occasions are intended to help instill Qatari traditions in the younger generations, and Garangoa is a great way for young family members to learn all about Ramadan.

Visit Doha Festival City

Qatar’s largest mall always has loads going on in the Holy Month, so jump in an Uber ride and head north of Doha to Umm Salal Mohammed. Get inspiration for making tasty Iftar meals at home at the live cooking stations and be enthralled by the traditional tales of a storyteller. Many of the tales are about Ramadan, and you can sit in the Central Court atrium and enjoy them.

Towards the end of Holy Month, you can often also do things like have your photo taken with a falcon, or get a henna tattoo in preparation for Eid-Al-Fitr.

Mark Eid-Al-Fitr with panache  

Talking of Eid-Al-Fitr, it’s worth planning ahead for these three special festive days, especially if you’re organizing quite large groups of people. There are countless chances to celebrate the end of Ramadan in Doha.

On the day of Eid, enjoy breakfast at a favorite Doha venue such as Ric’s Kountry Kitchen or Beirut. Or if you’re celebrating at lunchtime, perhaps you’d like to find somewhere to sample some traditional Qatari dishes? Alternatively, for more international fare, you can enjoy an Eid lunch somewhere like Morimoto or The Taliamare Beach Club.

In between times, you could head back to Doha Festival City and take in a show. Equally Doha is renowned for its fabulous firework displays on occasions like Eid. Make for Katara Cultural Village or the Corniche for a truly spectacular extravaganza, lighting up the city skyline in all its night-time glory.


Whether you’re enjoying this time of year with your own family, extended groups of relatives or friends and colleagues, Ramadan Mubarak!