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Football Tournament Rider Guide

November 12, 2022 / Qatar

Doha is expected to be busier than normal during the 4 weeks from mid-November to mid-December, so here are some ways to help you have a 5-Star experience, including details on how to get picked up and dropped off at the world’s biggest football tournament.

Getting to and from the football stadiums

If you’re heading to and from a football match, event organizers have designated pickup and dropoff zones for each stadium.

The zones vary in distance from each stadium based on event security and traffic plans, but riders should prepare for a walk after being dropped off or in order to get picked up. It’s recommended to look for signs in the area and directions in the Uber App to guide you to and from the designated zone at each stadium.

For Dropoffs: When you’re ready to head to a football match, a ride is just a few taps away. Simply enter the name of the stadium you’re going to as your destination and your driver will take you to the dropoff area.

For Pickups: When the end game whistle blows or when you’re ready to head to your next destination, exit the stadium and open the Uber App to request your pickup from the stadium’s assigned zone. In-app wayfinding directions and signs can help guide you on the walk. You can contact your driver to confirm their location at the pickup zone, making it easier to identify your vehicle and get on your way.

Uber Lux

We also know that certain moments are too important to leave to chance, that’s why we’ve launched a new in-app experience that facilitates adding a touch of luxury into your day. You can now request Uber Lux trips through the Uber App to get around Qatar effortlessly and in style.*

Know before you go

  • Wait times: It is anticipated that thousands of visitors will be looking for rides from the stadiums on game days, so you should expect higher than normal wait times after matches end. Departing before the final whistle may help you to beat the surge of visitors looking for rides.
  • Multiple ways to ride: Whether you’re looking for shorter wait times or more legroom, consider all ride options when leaving the event. Metro stations around the stadiums may offer trains to less congested areas across the City where you can then request a ride using the Uber app to your end destination.

Safety reminders
  • Check your ride, every time: It’s always recommended to confirm the vehicle make and model, the driver’s name and photo, and the license plate before boarding. If the information doesn’t match up, do not get into the car. Go to a safe place and wait for the right car to arrive, or cancel the ride and report it to us. In an emergency, or if you feel threatened, contact law enforcement immediately.
  • PIN verification: As an optional and additional protection, Uber’s PIN verification feature can help to ensure you’re getting into the right vehicle with the right driver. When opted in, you’ll receive a unique 4-digit PIN whenever you request a ride. Before entering your driver’s vehicle, tell them your PIN; if they are the driver the App matched you with, the driver will be able to start the trip after they enter your PIN into their App.
  • Share Your Trip: As a rider, you can share your location and trip status with friends and family, all right from the App.
  • Left something behind? If you lost an item on a trip:

    • Go to Your trips > Find lost item > Contact driver about a lost item.
    • If it’s been over 24 hours since your trip ended and you’re still unable to connect with your driver, or if you’ve lost your phone and are unable to sign in to the app, contact us via web form on the Uber website.
  • Keep your account safe

    • Uber support will never ask you for your password or account details. 
    • Never reveal your email, phone number, credit card details, or authentication code through in-app messaging.
    • If anyone contacts you through in-app messaging trying to obtain any of these details, please report it in the Uber app’s help and support feature.
  • Local Law Enforcement: In an emergency situation, you can contact Qatar law enforcement by dialing 999.

For more details on Uber’s extensive safety features visit the Uber Safety Tips blog.

Cultural Awareness

Hospitality is a cornerstone of local Qatari culture. While the country makes you feel welcomed, it would be great to be aware of the local cultural norms to keep the experience comfortable for everyone including locals.

*We recommend always checking the in-app recommended fare estimate before requesting your trip. You can find the in-app recommended fare estimate in the app after entering your destination. Pickup trip requests will be limited to select areas across Doha including: Msheireb Downtown, Katara Cultural Village, The Pearl, West Bay, Lusail and Souq Waqif.