Uber for Business is continuously looking for ways to create a differentiated and easy experience for corporate travelers—whether it’s premium ride options that offer added comfort on the way to the airport, a centralized hub outlining corporate policies and perks, or automated back-end expensing. That focus has helped us grow to support more than 200,000 companies around the world, including JetBlue, Meta, and Salesforce. 

We know that executive assistants (EAs) juggle numerous tasks simultaneously and are masters at bringing order to chaos. They are the unsung heroes of corporate travel. That’s why today, on Administrative Professionals Day, we’re introducing a new level of convenience for EAs with delegate profiles on Uber for Business. Delegate profiles enable EAs to easily manage travel for executives on their behalf —empowering EAs to take control of executive ground transportation, freeing executives to focus on other priorities, and creating a superior experience for both.  

An EA-first booking solution

Booking executive travel doesn’t always come easy for EAs. It may require thorough research into car services, time-consuming back-and-forths for quotes and reservations, and cumbersome booking processes that don’t always allow for last-minute changes. And that’s just the booking experience—expensing these trips afterwards is a whole other story, especially for EAs managing multiple executives at once.   

Now, with delegate profiles, EAs will be able to facilitate a smooth travel experience in available markets*. Here’s a little more about what that experience includes:

    • Flexible ride options: Request on-demand premium rides or reserve trips in advance for executives with just a few clicks. 
    • Price transparency: See the cost upfront vs. waiting to receive a quote.
    • Real-time trip visibility and communication: Monitor executive rides while they’re in progress, add stops, edit locations, communicate with the driver via a three-way intercom, and find lost items after the fact. 
    • Simplified expensing: Save time with automatic billing and the ability to integrate directly into an expensing platform.
    • Ability to support multiple executives: Manage ground transportation for multiple executives at once.
    • User-friendly experience: Seamlessly manage travel from your desk or on the go, using the Uber experience you already know and love.

Catherine Boccellari, an EA who works with Uber’s Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations Andrew Macdonald, says this new feature has been a game changer for her daily routine. 

“Implementing delegate profiles has made a huge difference in my day-to-day workflow,” said Boccellari. “Now, I can arrange my executives’ rides in a matter of seconds and know that it’s taken care of, freeing me to take on the rest of my day.”

Supporting executives where they need it most

Executives are frequently on the go, and they have certain expectations for their ground travel: they need spacious, clean cars with drivers who are prompt and professional. Executives are often pressed for time as they prepare for meetings or put the finishing touches on a presentation, so the last thing they need to worry about is managing additional travel logistics.

Delegate profiles take ground transportation completely off their hands so they can focus on the purpose of their trip. And with the option to request premium rides like Uber Black and Uber Business Comfort, executives can travel luxuriously and arrive in style.

“Catherine is a critical member of my team, and I rely on her to help me get where I need to be, when I need to be there,” said Macdonald. “I also know she has a ton on her plate, and managing my itinerary is just one piece. I’m grateful for tools like delegate profiles that can make her job easier while also keeping me organized.”

Whether arranging rides to the airport, across town for a client meeting, or for a daily commute, delegate profiles is the ideal way for both executives and their assistants to get the most out of Uber on Administrative Professionals Day—and every day. To learn more about how to get started, click here

*The availability of trips requested by a delegate may vary by market and location of the trip. See app for availability.